Developed by a team of highly innovative and business-forward individuals, Installerex aims to help developers get their applications across the internet global market. Best of all, Installerex gives proper credit to application developers by providing the complete solutions that enable developers to earn from their applications.


Installerex is  the perfect platform from which to launch your applications. It is modern, sleek, ingenious, and highly dynamic, enough to cater all the requirements needed froma  cloud-based installer. It is highly customizable, so that application developers can fully meet their requirements.


One of the greatest challenges for application developers and advertisers is how to generate revenue. With the highly dynamic and ultra-smart technology and the internet, how do you keep up with income generation? Installerex clearly had this in mind, so that they developed the complete tools that enable you to convert your application’s usage into cash.


Earn from your downloadable assets. Installerex does it all for you. Installerex is also a trusted and stable company that adheres to standards in online security and protection. They certainly will not let your own applications be put at risk.


Move forward along a dynamic platform that not only enhances your application by providing the right platform, but also advertises your application and guarantees profit. Installerex also completes your financial gain with the simplest and most up-to-date online reports. You can fully account your profit without having the need to worry. Rest assured with Installerex, the complete platform for your online application requirements.

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