It’s not easy being Easylifeapp. It’s not easy being the subject of bad publicity and negative propaganda. It is designed to be a useful application for users of the Internet but it has become of the most maligned software online. It has been tagged as a malware, spyware, virus, and an unwanted application by those who do not understand its purpose. Those who fail to understand it are easily swayed by the popular belief that it should be shunned or uninstalled because of what the uninformed some are saying.

One of the misconceptions about Easylifeapp is that it a virus or malware. Many websites wrongly consider the application as a malware that needs to be immediately removed. There are claims that it “infects” computers without the users’ consent. These are certainly incorrect. Easylifeapp does not cause anything other than what regular installed applications do. It performs what it is stated to perform. It does not damage computer systems. It does not replicate and cause “infections” that can spread to other computers. It does not cause defects to the software and hardware systems of computers.

The reason why some virus and spyware scanning tools report Easylifeapp as a malware is the lack of information about it. It is not properly understood and is relatively not so well known so some scanners easily dismiss it as a useless software that “may” cause harm. There are no evidences that it does indeed cause slowdown or malfunctions in a computer. Malwarebytes, for example, classifies Easylifeapp as an “offerware.” This does not really mean anything serious. The classification in itself is dubitable. It is not clear how the application fits into the criteria of being an “offerware.”

Another criticism against the application is the alleged uncalled for installation of widgets and other unwanted software components. It allegedly installs applications without the knowledge of the user. It must be clarified that all of these components are properly communicated to the user during the installation process. Nothing is clandestinely installed or added to the computer system. Similar to every other software, users are expected to read the terms and conditions that come with the application being installed. These terms and conditions outline everything that Easylifeapp comes with. Users just need to know about them.

Moreover, there are those who accuse the application of imposing unwanted changes to their systems. Some of these are the installation of browser extensions, add-ons, or attachments. There are also those who claim that the Desktop Gadget box is secretly installed. These are rather unfortunate criticisms spurred by the lack of understanding. As mentioned, nothing is secretly installed. If there are system modifications a user notices, these can always be reverted or changed to whatever preferable configuration.

Easylifeapp is not as bad as what some websites try to impute. It is a useful tool for those who understand it. It may not be perfect but it certainly does not cause problems. Furthermore, those who think they don’t like the application after installation can easily get rid of it without having to worry about unwanted consequences associated with viruses, spyware and other malware.

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