If you are looking for an application that can make your online life easier, Easylifeapp is something you can consider. This software is designed to focus on three aspects of being on the Internet: having fun, staying updated, and making money. It is an easy to use app that can enhance your experience on the web by compiling and presenting the information you need from the Internet and providing tools that make Internet use better, quicker, and more convenient.

Fun Online

Easylifeapp is an intuitive desktop application that provides a richer experience on the Internet. It offers a collection of several tools that make it more convenient to do online searches and to connect to websites. The application ensures that web connection will not be limited. Unlike many search engines that have “safe search” as a default setting, Easylifeapp is designed to make the most of a user’s time online. It does not impose limitations and unnecessary filtering so users get to go where they want to be on the web. It is also designed to come with a familiar look to make it easy for new users to get accustomed to using it.

Staying Updated

The application also automatically aggregates online information a user needs. All it takes is some minimal configuration to specify information sources or other desired parameters. The app ensures that news or blog feeds are efficiently collected and presented in an easy to use manner. It automatically collects updates from news and information websites including blogs and other pages that offer dynamic content. This means quick and convenient access to desired information without having to hop from one site to another. All the information you need can be easily accessed by clicking on the application’s icon on the desktop.

Making Money

Finding opportunities for earning online income is one of the many reasons that entice web surfers to spend hours on the web. However, this may not be very easy without a good guide to finding the right sites that provide legitimate chances for making online earnings. Easylifeapp can be very useful on this aspect as it readily presents many good avenues for making money online. All a user needs to do is to click on the “Make Money” option.

McAfee Guarantee

Easylifeapp is covered by the daily McAfee Secure test. It bears the McAfee SECURE trustmark that assures users that the website has passed security tests especially concerning identity theft, spyware, viruses, and other threats on the web. The test is done on a regular basis to ascertain that the website does not carry dangerous links including those that direct to phishing sites or those that attempt to collect personal information and other details that can imperil privacy.

It is unfortunate that Easylifeapp is being tagged as a virus or malware. Many web pages mention the app in a negative light. Most information about it is centered on users wanting to eliminate it instead of wanting to install and use it. It is important to emphasize that Easylifeapp does not cause any harm to users and their computers. It is not a spyware but a useful for those who try to learn how to use it.

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