With changing times, very few people can now afford the luxury of houses with a large living room. These days, most of us find ourselves confined to a small apartment with an even smaller living room. However, it is highly possible to make a small living room appear aesthetically pleasing and cozy. The biggest challenge for an interior designer in these cases is to make a small area look much more spacious by tricking the eye. These living rooms must be decorated in a way that maximizes space and light. Your use of weight, scale, and color can also make a significant difference. 

Regardless of how small it is, the living room is your ultimate space for entertainment and relaxation. Mentioned below are some of the most effective home remodeling patterns to make your living room look larger. 

" Mirror decoration: Experienced designers regularly make use of mirrors to make small living areas feel larger. The most common practice is to hang a mirror in the central location of the room so that a focal point is created. Then, the mirror is placed behind a pendant lamp or candle to create an amazing ambiance by the reflection of light. By positioning the mirror across a window, it is even possible to create the illusion of one more window.

" Drawing the vision upward: Small living rooms with a high ceiling can utilize its vertical dimension by decorating in a way that diverts the vision upwards. One way of doing this is by using drapes that extend from floor to ceiling. It is also a good idea to fill the vertical space with different types of artwork.  

" Neutral colors: Use of neutral colors is one of the most well-known interior designing ideas for a small living room. You can try out colors like beige or off-white on the floor, walls, ceiling and furniture upholstery. These colors expand space by creating an impression that the walls have been pushed back.

" Choose furniture with lightweight appearance: It is important to consider the visual weight of the furniture. It is more effective to opt for the ones with lightweight appearance and pale colors. Avoid box type furniture and select the ones with legs.

" Small scale furniture: Do not go for any furniture that may dominate the living space or overpower your entire living room. interior designer