Duct Cleaning, Heating and Cooling Repair Services Brought to you By T & Maintenance

. The duct cleaning service they offer is essential in improving the quality of air inside the home.   They provide different services in the area such as heating and cooling repair service, duct cleaning service, and cooling repair. T & Maintenance is providing clients the best duct cleaning, heating and cooling repair services for their guaranteed satisfaction.

Why Use the Duct Cleaning Services of T & Maintenance?

You may be surprised about the debris build up inside the ducts that include mould, dust and pollutants. This dust is not only building up in the ducts. Even the particles are also passing through the air conditioner and furnace. It is just right that the ducts be cleaned on a regular basis. This way, the air quality inside your home is protected. You and your family’s health are protected as well.

When is the Right Time to Make Use of the Duct Cleaning Services?

Homeowners should realize that the ducts need to be free from debris. If you are one of those homeowners, then the renovation needs to be completed. It is best to rely on our team in carrying out a duct cleaning.

The best thing about T & Maintenance is that they understand the importance of duct cleaning. Dust cleaning services are offered for homeowners in cleaning off the dust that embed in the property. This is done with the optimum goal of having quality air. This is important in having a healthy and clean home.

Duct cleaning, heating and cooling are carried out in improving the air inside the house. Thus, allergies and sensitivities are reduced completely. These usually arise from having an untidy and unclean ductwork.

Contaminated Air is usually a Problem

It is believed that a typical house can further collect dirt, dust and other allergens in the ductwork on an annual basis. With insects that rapidly thrive in the dust. In addition, your cooling or heating system inside the fired up the contaminated air. This now circulates inside the home. Anyone inside the house is put into danger.

Therefore, it is just crucial to effectively clean the entire house by getting the duct cleaning service from T & Maintenance. The air ducts are cleaned regularly. As a resident of Melbourne, there is no longer a need to conduct a research in getting the right duct cleaner. You are already offered with the finest duct cleaning service that makes it certain that you are completely satisfied.


Q: How do I know if my ducts need cleaning ?

1: This video explains how and why your heating ducts get so dusty. Watch Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtKmdvEoYb8

2. If you never had your central heating cleaned.

3. House furniture constantly dusty when central heater is in operation.

4. Dusty odours as you switch on your central heating.

5. The return air vent duct has lots of dust around the duct. You must take off vent cover to inspect. To view dusty return air vents. Image Gallery

6. People living in homes susceptible to allergies.

7. If you keep pets inside your home, the loose pet hair gets inside your return air vent which causes a lot of build up, this is very common.

8. People in homes with indoor air quality concerns.

9. Years of operation without a return air filter.

These observations are used as a general guide. Most important if you have any concerns about getting your ducts cleaned. Please contact Tony from T&N Maintenance. Tel 0418 314 248